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Introducing the Mod MDFile recent module to show files from MDFile

Posted: 13/02/2019 2:56 pm
by wipaporn

Mod MDfile recent is a Joomla module that works with MDFile. It displays the latest files uploaded via MDFile to display on Joomla. The admin can set the usage pattern. Mod MDFile recent is a module that is used with Components MDFile first. To use the Mod MDFile recent , users need to install Components MDFile to be able to use Mod MDFile recent. Read more. Components MDFile at Introduce MDFile Components for Joomla. Help in downloading documents on the web.

The Mod MDfile's recent capabilities are detailed below.
[list]- Can display files uploaded via MDFile
- able to set the number of files to be displayed
- can display the image file
- can set the file position to be displayed
- can specify the display file name
- Support Joomla 4
- can click the link directly to find the file[/list]