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Introducing MApplication Form Components. Job application forms via the website.

Posted: 15/02/2019 11:13 am
by wipaporn
Components MApplication Form is an add-on program or component for Joomla. MApplication Form will increase the ability to make websites available for recruitment. By which job applicants can fill out various information related to the job application via MApplication Form from the website The company can see the details of job applicants through the admin page. Making it convenient for both job applicants and companies to manage the job application process
the ability of MApplication Form as detailed below
  • - able to manage basic information for the provincial, district
    - able to manage job positions
    - able to manage basic information on language proficiency and education
    - can manage personal information, family information, work data, skill information
    - can choose the status of the applicant in the form for admin
    - able to comment on each candidate for admin
    - can show the list of all job positions and show in one position
    - can show the job application form on the website
    - Can show job application form on admin page
    - There is a button to click to apply for jobs from the list of job positions.
    - Have job application status as New Interview Cancel Employee
    - can send mail to inform applicants
    - can upload image of job applicants.
    - can show the date of filling in the job application
    - can sort the default by new job applicants
    - Can store English names of regional data (Geography)
    - You can press the Resume Print button from the main menu.
    - Search box for Email
    - can set META Desc, TITLE, Keyword, Google structrue for each position
    - Can export multiple information
    - Can check basic information from the main profile display box.
    - Supports Bootstrap 4
    - Supports Joomla version 4

Re: Introducing MApplication Form Components. Job application forms via the website.

Posted: 15/10/2019 1:20 pm
by mindphp