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Create Content Marketing and Product with Content Product Match of MooZiiCart

Posted: 21/04/2020 7:19 pm
by prmindphp

Current situation (Covid-19), it can be seen that online shopping is more necessary than ever. resulting in many product brands need to focus on selling products online. Therefore, online merchants pay attention to creating Content Marketing Content Marketing is one technique of marketing. creating content for target groups. Which the purpose of creating Content Marketing is to enable target groups to return and make money for our stores. this article, we will introduce to helper to create Content Marketing for E-Commerce websites. Plugin Content Product Match Plugin Content Product Match is an extension of Joomla. use with Component MooZiiCart for websites selling products online (E-Commerce). Plugin Content Product Match use to create articles and products on the same page. Website visitors can read articles related before making a purchase. if readers are interested in the product can click to read product details or make an order from the article page. for people that want to use this plugin can read more feature and download. :arrow: ... ch-en.html