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Customer Journey

customer journey process of thinking and decisions of consumers
Customer Journey

Customer Journey It is the process of thinking and decisions of consumers towards the purchase of goods. Entrepreneurs are already well aware that consumer behavior is essential to doing business. Therefore, Customer Journey is a marketing tool. That will help make the business easier If you are able to analyze Customer Journey, it will definitely help your Businessgrow. In this article, I will explain the steps of the Customer Journey to understand and be able to analyze.

The steps of customer Journey

1. Awareness
Awareness is to make the target group recognize our products or services. In which at present Making the target group aware of the service is quite easy. Because the platform is now more accessible on both facebook, website, line

2. Searching for information (Evaluation)
When the target group is aware of our products or services Later, the target group will search for information of our products or services. Which may search from the website, facebook or ask from people who have used our service before

3. Purchase (Purchase)
This step is a very important step. If the target group knows enough information And interested in our products The target group will decide to buy our products immediately. Which may be purchased from the store or online The target group can change their mind at any time until the purchase is complete. Therefore, we should provide the best customer service.

4. Usage (Usage)
When receiving the product The steps of use if it is in the matter of products The quality of that product is very important. Therefore, should pay attention from the production process. If it is a matter of service Should also serve the customers with care as well as providing suggestions and support as well If done well, this process will help to continue.

5. Repurchase
If you can follow the steps as well The target group will be impressed with the product or service of And will return to use the service Or repeatedly buy your products In addition, some customers may help to review the product. Or help advertise by continuing to recommend to people you know

Customers are important people that businesses need to pay great attention to. Making customers buy our products is not difficult. But making customers come back to buy our products again is harder Therefore should pay attention from the product manufacturing process to after sales service. For big companies When there are many customers, it is important to keep customer information. We have the MDPartner Component for store client data in CRM system is recommended for those who want to save various customer information.


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