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   Techniques for making online catalogs

Techniques for making Online Catalog
Get to know Online Catalog

   Online stores are growing and expanding continuously. Because nowadays, creating a website to sell products online today is easier than before. Also, selling products online Can reach more customers than selling products in general, resulting in a growing and more competitive e-commerce business.


   Creating an online store is Although it can be done easily, it's true. However, when creating an online store or online website, there are still quite a lot of components. Whether it is a product display page for displaying product details Basket page for storing products that customers are interested in. Promo display page for displaying store promotions And there are still many other pages, Therefore, the layout or composition of each page must be arranged well before creating the actual website. Because the arrangement of the elements is not interesting Website visitors will not want to scroll to view your website.


   Online Catalog is the easiest system in the online store system. Because online product catalogs can be created without the need for a shopping cart function. Causing customers to be unable to order products And of course, when there is no shopping cart function No need to make payment online Eliminating the need to create a payment page, Therefore, the online product catalog is only a website for displaying products and product details. If website visitors are interested in your products and want to order products Able to place an order by contacting the store owner Whether the phone number, email and other channels as the store has attached on the website Which the store owner can manage the product and product details information by yourself through the backyard system (admin).


Techniques for making online catalogs

  • Categorize products to be easy to understand.

The classification of products or categories (Categories) will help increase the ease of searching for products for website visitors. Website visitors can easily find products More convenient and quick Can save time for customers.

  • Use attractive, appealing images.

The image is considered to be the first impression of customers. Because people tend to pay more attention to the image than the text Therefore, use interesting images in your presentation. If wanting to post a product image Products and photos should be taken interestingly. The important thing is not to over-decorate the image. Because it will make your store look unreliable.

  • Present only important content.

As mentioned in the previous verse that People tend to pay more attention to the image than the text. Therefore, if we present content that is too long Visitors tend to not read all of the content. Therefore, choosing to present only the important details is a better and more interesting presentation. It should present content that is concise and easy to understand Importantly, the language should be easy to reach to customers. Not too formal.

   Creating an online product catalog is considered as promoting a product through a good website. Helps to reach more customers For those who are interested in doing online catalogs As well as opening an online store as well, we have an extension to introduce the Plugin System MZC Auto Close to enable the Open and Close of Mooziicart, an extension that is used in conjunction with MooZiicart . This Extension will help to manage the ordering system more efficiently than before. Suitable for those who want to open an online store. But may not be convenient to receive orders every day Can make settings as needed.

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