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The spider card ?


บัตรแมงมุมคืออะไร ?


      In modern times, every human being needs speed because it is an age in which everyone has to compete with technology all the time. Making new technology more convenient to speed up and reduce the work process, and today it has announced the use of spider cards to replace the cash to pay public fare.

      The spider card is a public transport ticket refill card that is compatible with both BTS sky train (BTS), MRT (MRT), Chao Phraya Expressway and Expressway (Easy Pass). It can also be used to shop in participating stores. Lastly, it was reported that the OTP was negotiating with the mall and Central. For people to use the spider card to buy products from the two stores anyway, if anyone still imagining the spider card is not issued to remind the EZ-Link (Ez-link) of Singapore. This spider card is similar to an EZ-Link card that covers nationwide shipping and is available for purchase from participating stores. The spider card uses RFID (RFID) technology.

      It is evident that the use of spider cards is very convenient for public transport, so we do not have to exchange coins. We only have a spider card to travel or buy a single card.