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Get to know the Component Multisite Content

Multisite Content is a Component helps to share articles from Master Website to countless numbers of Client Websites. The Client Websites require to install with Module Menu Json. It helps to drag article menus from Master Website, to show in Main Menu of every Client Websites. There are same menus as appear in the Master Website. If there is any change (eg. add / edit / delete) of articles in Master Website, it will show in the Client Websites automatically.

In Client Websites, we can install a Plugin named Editors-XTD Plugin and Content Plugin. These two will drag content of articles in Master Website to show in Client Website immediately.



  • Multisite Content: To distribute articles from Master Website to Client Websites
  • Multisite Content Client: To display articles from Master Website, to display on Client Websites
  • Module Menu Json: To check if menus from Master Website and Client Websites are equal or not
  • Plugin Editors XTD: To display title of all articles from Master Website and to make the articles choosable
  • Plugin Content: To display selected content from Master Website, to show on Client Website


Key Feature

  • Easy using
  • No duplicated article writing needed
  • Time reducing in article creating
  • No limit in adding Client Website
  • Automatically display articles from Master Website on Client Website
  • Menus of Client Website and Master Website are identical
  • Easily set start and finish time of article displaying on each Client Website



Multisite Content Guidance