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Advance Mjform Component

Version: 1.0.0

Advance Mjform Component

Is a Joomla Component helps to create a form in the WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) by dragging some form area and fill some data to receive needed information such as number, alphabet, date, comment box, HTML, listed data, check box, etc.

It also comes with a spam protection system in the package.

Plus, users are able to add more input on their own. And they are also able to use a created form on other websites and to export data in various formats. You can also calculate numbers online in your form immediately.

You can also connect data (eg. Customer information and product information) in your grid together.

Most of its features are similar to the Mjform Component. Just some more features added.

Product Ordering User Manual

The Advance MJForm Component performances listed below:

  • Data filling in the WYSIWYG
  • Drag & drop to input object
  • Many kinds of data input support (eg. alphabet, text, numbers, etc.)
  • Files uploading support
  • Form importing, exporting, and sharing support
  • Listed information form database for user support
  • Created form copying to use as a model later
  • Data exporting in various format eg. html, csv, xls, xml
  • Error detection and correction before posting support
  • Input data searching
  • Junk Cleaning Support
  • Using form as a part of information support
  • Using Class CSS to control form format and other output
  • Thai language and other 5 more languages Support
  • Multilingual (web page and administrative) support
  • Building a form for calculation on a website
  • Spam Protection
  • Maximum number of input data controlling
  • Notification Emails: sending emails to Administrator, other users, related persons, etc
  • Ready-made form templates available
  • Putting a form in website using Plugin support
  • Data connection in grid is allowed (Data is editable if it is not approved yet)
  • Multiple Administrator Support
  • Real time numbers calculation
  • Customer data field available
  • Automatically Running Number Support
  • Approve System and can also select approval persons for certain documents
  • Implementation in other systems support

Samples of Advance Mjform Component