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M Multisite Content

Version: 3.0.22

M Multisite Content is a component for distributing articles from Master Site to Web Client. Master Site can have an unlimited number of Web Clients. And must be installed in conjunction with Module Json. The Module Json will pull the article menu from the Master Site to display in the Main Menu of the Web Client. Every Web Client that has a Web Article will have the same menu as the Master Site without needing to. Need to add more articles to the Web Client. Just install the Multisite Content and Module Json. If adding / Edit / Delete any article in the Master Site. Web Client will add/delete/edit the article according to Master Site.

The capabilities of M Multisite Content are as follows
- able to add unlimited web clients.
- You can add articles to the Master Site and the Web Client section will be added automatically.
- You can edit the article in the Master Site, and the Web Client will automatically edit.
- You can delete the article on the Master Site. The Web Client section will be deleted automatically.
- Can save time in managing the article if there are many Web Client


Samples of M Multisite Content