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Manual for teaching and recommending Component MDFiles

Component MDFiles is component for increase ability to Joomla. making the website more effective. so, MDFiles is Components for managing files upload. such as, ZIP, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and MP4. To use MDFiles, you must first download MDFiles to install in Joomla before you can use it.You can download and read more MDFiles features here.

Step tp use MDFiles Component

1. Install Components MDFiles , control panel will show MDFiles choose Components >>> MDFiles

Install Components MDFiles

2. MDFiles will consist of 4 parts.

- Categories for create category.

- Documents for create subdocument.

- Files for upload picture or Zip file.

- Links for attach link.

MDFiles will consist of 4 parts

3. Categories for create category or file for user can access to easily download file.

Categoies for create category

4. Create category, choose New on above menu.

How to create category

5. Create category divide into 2 parts is Details, Publishing Option. Details is details of categories.

- Category Name is name of category.

- Alias is define an alias.

- Category image is assiges images to categories.

- Show image is show images to categories.

- Description is annotation of categories.

Details categories

Categories form - New
Categories form - New (Save and Close)

6. when you create category will show name and status ,Check is enabling status.

Status categories

7. Document is part of the loading file collection.

Document list

8. Documents Form will consist of 3 parts , Details, Publishing Options, License. so, details is the information that we need to fillout.

- Title is documents name.

- Alias is define an alias.

- image is show images to categories.

- Categories is categories that created in step 4.

- Files Attachment is step to upload files.

- Decription for annotation.

details is the information that we need to fillout

 Publishing Options is details of information that must be filled.

- Status is set to enable.

- Start - Finish Publishing is set the date of enable - disable.

Publishing Options

License is the copyright of document files. determine who is document owner. click save and close.

9. When you created document will show name and status.

Status categories

10. Files is menu for download files enable the document to be run by selecting the file on device.

Files list

11. File upload will be displayed on the file page with details.

- Status show enable.

- Title is file name.

- File Size is size of files.

- Allow Files Extension is type files.

Files will consist of status, title, file size, type

12. How to upload file from menu file, choose upload from above menu and Add files.

Choose Add files for add files

choose start upload for upload.

Start upload

show file upload and

you can use this file


13. Link will be different from files menu. will be keep link downloaded to the system.

keep link downloaded to the system

14. Link file will be displayed on the link page.

- Status is show enable status.

- Title is file name.

- File Size is size of files.

- Allow Files Extension is type files.

Link file will be displayed on the link page

We have many other Extensions. if you want to use Extensions you can use it here. and if you find any problems in use, you can ask us here.