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Creating Categories (Categories) MD Gallery to have gallery categories.

After getting to know the settings page of the MD Gallery, we are going to create a category that will put our pictures together, which we need to create first so that the steps that we will create our image gallery to have a category to support our picture gallery and will be easy to find the picture gallery. To use MD Gallery, you must first download MD Gallery to install in Joomla before you can use it.You can download and read more MD Gallery features here.

Go to MDGallery > Categories 

How to create categories
Create categories


Click new to create categories.

click new to create category
new to create category


Explain about Category Form

Category Form
Category Form MDGallery


1.Category Name 


3.language setting category language



6.Mete Keywords

Click save and close


Now, We have new category.

New category
New category