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Set the publishing status of galleries

When we are able to Create gallery to display images Next, let's explain how to set the publishing status of galleries. In the current version, we can set the publishing status of pictures to see which images are displayed on our website. To use MD Gallery, you must first download MD Gallery to install in Joomla before you can use it.You can download and read more MD Gallery features here.


For example

If we don't want the banana picture to show on the website Turn off the picture usage status.

View Galleries on webpage
Galleries on webpage


Set the publishing status of galleries

Go to control panel > Galleries

Control panel page 3 main menus
Control panel page


2. Set the publishing status If you want the image to display on the website, keep the usage status on.

Set the status of galleries
Set status
  • Number 1 cross sign Disable status.
  • Number 2 checkmark Enabling status.


3. Results when setting the publishing status You can see that in the Gallery there are no bananas. Since the status has been closed.

View images in gallery in webpage
View images in gallery


If wanting to use that image back to display on the website Return to the broadcast state of the image. And for anyone who wants to know how to use it in other parts More user guides can be found here.