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Joomla Extension : What it is?

 Joomla Extension : What it is?Joomla Extension 

      Joomla Extension Is the additional program used to enhance programs performance. Programs writing is not required, only download desired additional extension and install through management section of Joomla, CMS. 

The extension can categorize into 3 groups 

  • Component
  • Module
  • Plug-in

      Component :The large additional extension to enhance performance of main program such as cart system, image album system, webboard system. But component can show only content only. 

      Module : The 2nd smaller extension used to display in the webpage. It can divide into blogs and modules and can also add into desired position of Joomla such as website visitors  statistics, ads showing, etc. 

      Plug-in : The smallest part. Using to adjust and improve performance of the program such as if you would like users to login, the module for login for users to type username and password is required. But related plug-in for examine.