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Joomla Template : What it is?

      Joomla Is one of the well-known Content Management System (CMS). It is used to organize the content of website such as content adding, module adjusting, by addi8tional coding language is no required.

      Template Is the website’s look that users can see such as fonts, colors, pictures, and other components. Joomla completely divides templates from website content. If we change the template, there is no effect to website articles or content.

 Joomla Template : What it is?


The point that makes Joomla more outstanding than self writing website is the look: beauty, fonts size, colors, pictures. All of these are combined to use with Joomla. We call it template.  

      Joomla Template Has both free and paid for you to use. Mostly, free templates will be pretty but not so efficient. If users want to enhance more capability, they need to pay more. For free template using, users need to consider about the version. Templates and Joomla version should be the same. Besides, we also need to concern about display position on the website as well.