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Want an E-Commerce website?: Follow the guide here


อยากมีเว็บไซต์ E-Commerce


Now, it is a trend to present your business online. And the popular way is to own a website. This comes with many questionable points such as how to start to create or to have a website. What steps are needed.I am positive that every entrepreneur needs to know brief information and the steps of creation. Not just pay and go when salespersons are also not so helpful.

With all these concerns, I have decided to create this article to explain the steps of website creation. If you want a website, what do you need to know.


Primary website processing system

Website building is to use our computer data to store in the main server provider. If we categorize by program writing, there are 2 sides:

  • Client Side is what we see on browsers. The languages required for Client Side management are HTML, CSS, Javascript. These languages will help to adjust website and to make it more stunning. Plus, to control what appears on the browser pages.
  • Server Side the languages using in server side. There are more than one and the number is increasing every year. Yet, the most famous language until now is no other than PHP. However, there are also ways to store data with many technologies such as Mysq, phpmyadmin, and so on.


Where can our WebSites be?


อยากมีเว็บไซต์ E-Commerce


  • Web Hosting is a kind of service providing for internet users who need to store their websites to server providers. Or it is used to store our data.
  • Domain name is a name input in the system to search in Domain Name System. To specify each IP address for visitors to enter to the website. We can also call it Web Address as well. In short, it is the name used to enter into the website.


Ready made website / CMS /newly written website

  • Ready made website  In the selection of an E-Commerce website, the easy way with uncomplicated management, new coding language is no needed, no host registration on the user own required, having domain name registration service. This suits beginners with no in-depth knowledge of program writing for both client side and server side. The website still can be managed easily, and conveniently. There are also several services to buy as well.
  • CMS – stands for Content Management System
    This is the system used to help create and manage a ready-made website. By using CMS to create a website, users are almost not required the knowledge of program writing and server side language. Also, CMS comes with additional program and can also insert new features such as webboard, ads banner management system, visitors counting system, busket system, and so on. Example of famous CMS are wordpress, and joomla. The CMS suits to those without knowledge from server side. But knowing client side language will be advantages. Users also can design their websites, to change theme or to make them more attractive.
  • Newly written website
    It is a newly written whole website from client side and server side. By being able to control the whole operation. This kind of website is the best and the most time consuming in creation process. Because it requires creating everything from the start.


อยากมีเว็บไซต์ E-Commerce


For those without website knowledge also can own an E-Commerce website. The dream comes true by using CMS because it suits to those with no knowledge of websites to the newbie in website creating.
We recommend CMS called Joomla because it comes with Joomshopping Thai Edition -- the outstanding Extension to help creating E-Commerce website more easily, not too many steps.

Joomshopping Thai Edition  The Components we install to enhance ability of Joomla. Used to make a website can sell goods and products online, to be an E-Commerce website. By supporting e-commerce process as a whole eg. Selling and purchasing, goods management, category management, payment, shipping, manufacturing, etc. Besides, it also supports SEO or Search Engine Optimization used to enhance Search Engine performance such as Google and to increase sale chances as well. Plus, every version of Joomla also supports Joomshopping Thai Edition as well. download Joomshopping Thai Edition click here


Things to prepare to create an E-Commerce by using Joomla (18)