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MariaDB: What is it?


MariaDB มาเรียดีบี คืออะไร
MariaDB มาเรียดีบี คืออะไร


Nowadays, Information Technology System is a part of various business organizations. In order to use them correctly, these huge amount of data require systematic store. Database organizing system works as a user orders. The systems are countless out there to use. One of the well known system is MySQL, in which has been designed for free easy using, with constant improvement from MySQL database developer team, whose will is to keep the software free-of-charge under the GNU GPL agreement. Because the MySQL was purchased by Oracle, that wants to develop the software for commercial purpose.

MariaDB is system that had been forked from it’s mother, MySQL. Michael Widenius, the former MySQL founder, has recently forked a new project under a company named Monty Program AB.

The structures of MariaDB are almost identical to MySQL. For example files’ structures, database and table structures, can work with MySQL for almost 100%. So, using MariaDB as a substitute for MySQL is a great idea. Even PHP codes can also use MySQL functions to work as usual.

So, when the MySQL is likely to be developed as a commercial product, the developers then create MariaDB to meet users’ demand. Besides, these two are working identically. So, we still have a free database system to use at present.

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