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Chapter 1 - jQuery Introduction
Chapter 1 - jQuery Introduction
What is jQuery?

jQuery aims to make JavaScript more accessible for the less ‘hardcore’ developer. For example, there are many cross browser issues with regular JavaScript that jQuery deals with – it does a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure your experience is much more simple and enjoyable. Instead of spending time on the monotonous, boring cross-browser code, you can get straight to work with your cool effects, safe in the knowledge that jQuery is sorting everything out for you.


Why jQuery?

It’s a very good question why should we use jQuery and not something else?

  • Its lightweight - jQuery is a lightweight library and because of its lightweight characteristics it provideshighperformance, it’s a very well written code which is about 32 kb size
  • Cross browser support–jQuery supports cross browser, means while working with JavaScript the most important factor we have to consider is browser whereas while working with jQuerywe are not at all required to worry about browser because JQueryfunctions are completely browser independent
  • Easy Dom traversing - With the help of jQuery we can find parent or child of any HTML element at any timewithout writing much code.
  • Easy Plugins - jQuery is highlyextensible. It let you extend the existing behavior and even you can easily add new behaviors. You can easily find huge plugins over internet.
  • Tested, commonly used and documented – Because of huge popularitynot only you can get answers for most of the jQuery questions easily in forums but also availability of huge documentation makes learning jQuery very easy.