[Extension phpBB3.1.1] Password Strength

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[Extension phpBB3.1.1] Password Strength

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Password Strength เป็น Extension ช่วยสำหรับ User ในการตั้งรหหัสผ่านในการสมัครสมาชิก ว่ารหัสนั้นมีความมั่นคงมากแค่ไหน
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  1. Password field changes colors from red (weak) to green (strong) as the user types in a password.
  2. Password strength is also labeled as 'Very Weak', 'Weak', 'Good', 'Strong' and 'Very Strong'.
  3. Password Strength is active on new user registration, and in the UCP and ACP areas where you can enter new passwords.
  4. Password strength is graded by finding the following criteria in a password:
    • Contains a minimum of 6 characters
      Contains mixed case letters
      Contains numbers
      Contains special characters
      Contains more than 12 characters
  5. There are no settings or options to configure. Just install and enjoy.

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