EditPlus Text Editor 3.0 ออกแล้ว Feature เยอะเลย

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EditPlus Text Editor 3.0 ออกแล้ว Feature เยอะเลย

Post by mindphp » 24/02/2008 5:34 pm

* Improved Unicode compatibility.
* 'Enable visual style for toolbars' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
* 'Match Tag'/'Select Tag' command ('Search' menu).
* Allows drag and drop for the Document Selector tabs.
* Automatically adjusts the number of rows on the Document Selector.
* 'Restore cursor/markers/encoding of recent files' option ('Preferences'->'General').
* Automatically adds file extension if the file type has only one extension.
* 'Rename' command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Current project' option in the Find in Files dialog box.
* 'An additional file name (allows * and ?)' option ('Preferences'->'Settings &
syntax'->'More'). * Supports secondary function pattern option.
* 'Toggle Folding' command ('View'->'Code Folding').
* 'Add Dir' button on the 'Preferences'->'Project'.
* Supports 'Sort' button on the Window List.
* Supports 'Copy Name' button on the Window List.
* Function Pattern dialog box supports 'Partial display' option.
* 'Previous' button instead of Up/Down on the Find dialog box.
* $(AppDir) argument macro added.
* Supports font option for the Document Selector.
* Supports auto save as *.tmp file for unnamed buffers.
* 'Up'/'Down' button on the Window List supports multiple selections.
* Duplicate Line command supports multi-line selection.
* 'Open Selection' command supports multi-line selection.
* Native support for tilt wheel on Vista.
* Supports horizontal scroll by SHIFT + mouse wheel.
* -wd command line option for specifying directory to save the workspace.
* 'Transparent' command ('Window'->'Others').
* 'Remove from Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
* Supports 'Up'/'Down' button on the 'Preferences'->'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
* 'Copy URL' command ('Edit'->'Clipboard' menu).
* 'User tool group' option on the 'Preferences'->'Project' dialog box.
* 'Move Up/Down' command ('Edit'->'Others').
* 'Change File Encoding'/'File Encoding Multiple' commands ('Document'->'File Encoding').
* Displays current project name on the title bar.
* 'Next/Prev Project' command ('Project'->'Manage Project').
* Allows CHMOD on multiple files.
' 'Allow Drag & Drop' option ('Edit'->'Others').
* New toolbar buttons: Find Next/Prev Word, Toggle Folding, Sum, Last Visited, Character Count.
<bug fix>
* FTP status of 100% could cause program crash.
* Some sftp servers could cause program freeze.
* Regular expression in Find in Files dialog box could cause program crash.
* 'Save wrapped lines with CR/LF' option could corrupt file.
* Replace All could incorrectly hide folded lines.
* 'Subdirectory' FTP setting did not work correctly on VMS servers.
* '$' regular expression did not work correctly.
* Search Document command could omit some words.
* Improved Vista UAC compatibility.
* 'Sum' command could not handle minus value.
* Fixes display error when selecting by word.
* Fixes a screen update bug with auto completion in word wrap mode.
* Extending column selection with 'Shift + click' didn't work.
* 'Decrease Indent' command did not work correctly with column selections.
* 'Create File' did not work on disconnected FTP server.
* Suppresses auto completion in C/C++ preprocessor directives.
* Keystroke recording could not handle the Insert key.
* Highlighted matching braces could not be restored when changing focus.
* Replace dialog box with regex did not work upward.
* Suppresses combo box auto completion when pasting.
* 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' didn't work as expected in Vista.
* Reset button on the 'Preferences'->'Toolbar' did not work correctly.
* Fixes a bug with the Korean input method editor.
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