Yii 1.1.18 ออกแ้ว support PHP 7 แล้ว

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Yii 1.1.18 ออกแ้ว support PHP 7 แล้ว

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Yii 1.1.18 ออกแ้ว support PHP 7.1 แล้วหลังจากไม่ได้อัพเดดเวอร์ชั่นมาประมาณ ปีกว่า
แก้ปัญหา #CSRF มาแล้วด้วย
แต่ที่สำคัญ มือใหม่ หรือ คนที่กำลังหัดมาให้ Yii แนะนำ ใช้ Yii 2.0 ดีกว่า

- Bug #4004: Better fix for PostgreSQL Session storage (GuillaumeSmaha)
- Bug #4015: Fixed bug with missing "disabled" attribute in internally rendered hidden fields (rob006)
- Bug #4020: Fixed PHP 7 related bug in CCacheHttpSession when destroying not cached sessions (dirx)
- Bug #4034: Fixed `CHttpSession::getIsStarted()` PHP 7 compatibility (tomotomo)
- Bug #4043: Fixed `CJavaScript::quote()` to properly escape Unicode characters (samdark)
- Bug #4061: Fixed "Fatal Error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency" error in `CArrayDataProvider` (kf99916, andrewnester)
- Bug #4064: Fixed CHtml::beginForm which produced wrong HTML when using an anchor in the action URL of a GET form (Mytskine)
- Bug #4069: Fixed error with `eCRedisCache::executeCommand()` when the previous connection timeout exception was catched (taobig)
- Bug #4104: Fixed PHP 7 compatibiltiy in Text_Highlighter (samdark)
- Bug #4111: Fixed PHP 7.1 incompatibility with CFileCache when `$embedExpiry=false` (cebe)
- Bug #4130: Fixed PHP 7 added an interception of the ParseError exception for the eval() usage (devcommiter)
- Bug #4133: Fixed PHP 7 usage of the func_get_args() functions in YiiBase.php (devcommiter)
- Enh #2819: backported masking of CSRF tokens from Yii 2.0 (samdark)
- Enh #4049: Added '//' as a proper beginning of absolute URL in createAbsoluteUrl() method (ksowa)
- Enh #4075: Added CClientScript::hasPackage() (samdark)
- Chg #4033: Updated Pear/Text used by Gii so it's PHP 7 compatible (samdark)
- Chg #4103: Updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.9.2 (samdark)
- Chg: Updated Text_Highlighter to version 0.7.3 (samdark)
- Chg: Fixed PHP 7.1 incompatibility in Text_Highlighter (cebe)
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