Calculation program after including VAT

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Calculation program after including VAT

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Calculation program after including VAT
Program to calculate the tax and the amount after VAT.


Have you noticed? tax invoice that we recive when we perchase of good or service will be has tax invoice or you can say VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT is the tax that is charged by the seller but pushes the burden on the consumer to pay, for example if the product is worth 100 baht.We will have to pay 7% VAT because currently, the 7% VAT rate. Therefore, the money that we have to pay will be 107 baht ((product value x 7%) + product value).In this case, there are few numbers that can be easily calculated.But if the amount is more than this, it would be more difficult to calculate, right? We have some good programs to help make calculating our taxes a breeze. VAT calculation program after VAT included Will be a program that can calculate VAT And calculate the total amount after VAT to us without we having to manually calculate. We just fill in the amount of money into. Then choose the tax rate The program will then be able to calculate the results for us.

Step to use the program
  • fill out username
  • fill out amount of money
  • Choose tax rate
  • Calculate
Click to use the program
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