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[MooZiiCart] [Module] Displaying products that customers are interested by Wishlist Module

Posted: 27/03/2020 5:46 pm
by prmindphp

If you have been Shopping Online, you should have seen the Wish List system, right ? Wishlist is a list of products that customers are interested and want to want to buy. but still don't want to buy. the customers can add interested products to wishlist. and if that customer is ready to buy the product then can easily click to order. today we will introduce MooZiiCart's Module Wishlist. The benefit of this add-on is display products that customers like or are interested. if you apply Module Wishlist to your website to sell products online Will increase the features and enhance the usability of the website better than before. :icon_plusone: If you want to download this module can be download and read more feature here :arrow: ... hlist.html